Sites Created and/or Managed by Mycroft Solutions

Mycroft Solutions Ltd is not just a company devoted to developing web sites. It only forms part of the service that we can offer. The majority of our work is in administering small to medium sized networks for many clients. It is very difficult to provide tangible examples on a website of the type of work undertaken without referring you to web site examples.

The following sites are examples of the quality of web solutions that Mycroft Solutions can provide together with a little explanation of how it fits in with the overall IT strategy. In particular, notice the deliberate preference for communication of business information over clever web writing. This is because in most cases glitzy sites are designed to show off the skills of the web designer rather than assist in selling the company products.

Mycroft Solutions Ltd

Of course we developed our own site. However, as with cobbler's children it is always the last to be given attention so watch out for changes over the next few months as we add informative content.

JD Boat Services (Gailey) Ltd

Mycroft Solutions provides IT advice on a need by need basis. Here is an example of a medium sized company who wish to ensure that their IT infrastructure works to their best advantage. To date, this site has been very successful and positively identified as the source of many sales. The return on investment has been manyfold. The strategy for this site was to purely provide online "brochure" information for interested individuals.

DRL Load Link

Mycroft Solutions has implemented a unique e-commerce solution for providing "return load" management. It contains an "intelligent" load / vehicle matching server side application engine that was specifically developed to solve the problem.


An interesting commission to provide a simple but effective site for an author of walking books. The constraint for the development was to provide the appearance of an online commercial portal without all the expense that having such a site usually entails. This site shows what can be done with very few "special effects".